Philip Williams

Animation Portfolio

3-D Animation

I designed, storyboarded, modeled, textured, animated, edited, and did the sound dubbing for this 2.5 minute animation titled, "The Red Bearon." This animation won second prize in the Caligari competition.

View "The Red Bearon" animation.

The Red Bearon by Philip Williams

2-D Animation

I created nearly all of the graphics and a large portion of the animation for Sunday Software's Jonah & Elijah CD. I used Fireworks, Photoshop, and pencil & paper to create the various animations for this software.

Sunday Software's description of the CD

Jonah & Elijah CD Clip 2

Jonah & Elijah CD clip 1

View a clip from the intro

View another clip of Jonah

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Flash Animation

Flash is a great environment for animation. I've used Flash for animation, web sites, and games. Here is an animated web banner I created with Flash.

View the banner

After Effects Animation

After Effects is a great program that every animator should know how to use. Here are a few experimental animations I created using only After Effects.

Dots animation Green Animation

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