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Print On Demand Companies that I recommend:
Xlibris - Full color and hardcover printing. Perfect for children's books!
CafePress - Black and white books with absolutely no setup fee.


Print on Demand Book Illustrator

(As well as eBooks, self-published books, and more)

An example of my book illustrations

As the Print on Demand market continues to grow, I've noticed an increasing number of children's book authors choosing to publish their books through the nontraditional Print On Demand publishing process. However, these publishers do not supply an illustrator. That is why I chose to become a Print On Demand illustrator.

If you have written a book I can help you by supplying all of the illustrations. Whether it is a Young Adult chapter book, a nonfiction adult book, or an elaborate picture book, I can illustrate it for you.

I have experience in both black-white and full-color illustrations. I use a variety of mediums and I can pattern my illustration style to fit your needs.

Print On Demand Publishers are usually quite inexpensive. My prices are also very affordable. I realize that authors do not have a lot of money to spend and I keep my prices low enough so that everyone will be able to have their book published. Although I specialize in Print On Demand books, I can also create illustrations for eBooks, self-published books, and traditional published books.

Email me your manuscript and a description of the kinds of illustrations you wish to receive. Give me an idea of the number of illustrations you will want and as many details about them as you can provide. I will return your email with a price estimate so that you will know how much I charge before I begin the project.

Email me your story at

Another example of my book illustrations

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