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Results of the 1st Guess the Bible Story Contest

Contestants were asked to give the name of the hero in the picture below. They were also required to give the book and chapter where the story is recorded in the Bible. They were given the following hint: The armies of Israel were so scared that they hid in caves in the mountains. But one man and his armor bearer (or body guard) asked for a sign from God. Then the two men single-handedly climbed a cliff and attacked the Philistine camp.

Guess what this picture is of
The correct answer was Jonathan. The scripture was 1st Samuel 14.

Out of the 30 entries which I received, 19 were correct. Out of the 19 correct entries, I drew one winner at random. And the winner is...

Lori Ray

Lori will receive an autographed copy of Elijah: God's Fiery Prophet and a color poster of fire coming down on Elijah's alter.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to enter the new Guess the Bible Story Contest.

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