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2nd Guess the Bible Character Contest Results

Contestants were asked to give the name of the Bible character pictured below. The correct answer was Jehu from 1st & 2nd Kings. One winner was chosen at random from all of the correct answers which I received. And the winner is...

Ruth Flad

Ruth Flad will receive an autographed copy of the Elijah: God's Fiery Prophet comic book and a poster of a the fire coming down on Elijah's alter.

Elijah: God's Fiery Prophet Comic Book Elijah Poster


Thank you, everyone who participated!

Below you can see the original contest clue:

Below is drawing of an obscure Bible character. This drawing is from my comic book Elijah: God's Fiery Prophet.

Archeologists have discovered a portrait of this same character carved into a black obelisk. To my knowledge this is the earliest portrait of any Biblical character. As you can see, I used the obelisk as a reference for my drawings in the Elijah comic book. The black obelisk featuring this man's picture is now housed in the British Museum.

Send me the name of the man who is shown in the two pictures above. Also tell me the book of the Bible where we read about this man. If you have the correct answer, you could win the contest!

Hint: This man is commonly known for his furious chariot driving.

That was the clue for 2nd Guess the Bible Character Contest. Click here for the results of the 1st Guess the Bible Story Contest


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