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Welcome to Staircase Studio, the art studio of Philip Williams. Here you can view a wide variety of my creations. From computer games to comic books, this site gives you access to all of my most recent works.

Elijah: God's Fiery Prophet New Bible comic book! Read 32 full-color pages recounting Elijah's exciting life! Elijah: God's Fiery Prophet.

Bumper To Bumper - Learn about this exciting puzzle game and download the free shareware version.

Bible Comic books - Read the online comic book of the story of Jonah or get the new Elijah comic book.

3-D Animation - View this humorous animated short, titled The Red Bearon.

Philip's Portfolio - See more of my work in my online portfolio.

Book Illustration - Considered publishing a book? I can illustrate it for you. I illustrate Print on Demand books as well as many other kinds of books.

Contact Philip - I'm always eager to hear your comments. Send me an email and let me know what you think of my work.

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